4 days on the Austral IslandS


Far beyond the distant horizon of the South Pacific are wild and rugged lands still virtually undiscovered by travelers. A 1.5 hour flight south of the main island of Tahiti are Polynesian islands so seldom visited that even intrepid travelers have never heard of them. If you are looking for a true escape from the world, and some impressive bragging rights, then pull out your globe and find the Austral Islands.

Day 1 : A day in Rurutu

  • Visit the caves of Peva harbors
  • Visit the cave of Ina and Mo’o
  • Climb to the Mount Manureva
  • Snorkel or dive among pods of humpback whales.Journey to the mountains, cliff, caves, religious sites and uninhabited. motu (by foot, boat, kayak, car, 4×4, bike or horseback)
  • Take a traditional weaving class

Day 2 : A day in Tubuai

  • Climb to the Mount Taitaa
  • Check out the Fort George
  • Check out the Hermitage of Saint Hélène
  • Go on a circle tour
  • Go a lagoon tour excursion

Day 3 : A day in Raivavae

  • Check out the largest Marae on the island, Marae Atoni
  • Take a guided Lagon tour with Motu picnic
  • Hike to Mount Hiro
  • Check out the smiling Tiki
  • Attend a Sunday church service

Day 4 : A day in Rimatara

  • Visit the Mutuaura temple
  • Check out the natural bay of Mutuaura
  • Take a guided visit of the island
    • Visit the « Bath of the Virgins »
    • Check out the Vini Ura bird
    • Learn about the Pandanus leaves and its many uses

Meet the friendly, yet somewhat shy residents who still consider visitors a curiosity.
Discover the serenity of these less populated islands, small villages and private beaches.
Shop for pearls and traditional weavings directly with the farmers and artisans.