Day 1: Deep blue day

  • Full day lagoon excursion with picnic on a motu (small islet); snorkeling
  • Full day drift fishing

Day 2: The authenticity of Fakarava

  • Kayak or paddle session
  • Bicycle ride to the oldest pearl farm of Fakarava. Possibility to win a pearl by drawing lots
  • Lunch at one of the guest house restaurant specialized in fish dishes
  • Visit Rotoava village on a beach bike
  • Shopping in a small gallery where you will find some nice souvenir made with shells, wood, pear ls and local materials

Day 3: Immersive adventure

  • Dive session to discover the underwater world
  • Shark wall
  • Cultural visit of Fakarava followed by the explanation of the faun/flora with a fascinating local guide (3 hours)
  • Afternoon trip on a traditional canoe with « Va’a Motu association »
  • In the evening, wear your plastic sandals, your headlight and get ready for an exciting 2 hours lobsters fishing with a local guide