Transportation in Tetiaroa

Travel from Tahiti to Tetiaroa is by private aircraft operated by Air Tetiaroa the exclusive provider of passenger service to the island.

Getting Around Tetiaroa

Air Tetiaroa operates two eight-passenger Britten Norman aircraft which depart from a private terminal at Faa’a International Airport in Tahiti. When your international or domestic flight arrives at Faa’a International Airport, you’ll be transferred to Air Tetiaroa’s private terminal for your 20-minute flight to paradise. Although the flight is brief, it will provide you an unforgettable introduction to Tetiaroa.

By air

Visit Air Tetiaroa

By sea

Cruises and Charter – Charter Companies

Poe Charter 689 87 71 55 55 / 87 72 99 69
Tahiti Voile & Lagon 689 87 71 53 15