Kiss Tahiti

At KISS Tahiti, we strongly embrace the French concept of ‘esprit de corps’, defined as a feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the members of a group. Our aim is to inspire enthusiasm as well as strong mutual respect and care among travellers for our chosen destination Tahiti, its precious natural environment, rich culture and local people’s spiritual life force or mana. Our purpose is to create memorable experiences that perpetuate the myth surrounding Tahiti and Her Islands – a give and take scenario set at leaving you truly enamoured with this special part of the world.

On that note Kiss Tahiti’s collaborations with Suppliers of same mindset thinking, we together have created a unique All – Australian Tahitian Dream experience set to sail Nov 2022

Explore, Share, and embrace the majestic islands of Tahiti whilst being entertained by our own Australian Talented Kate Ceberano.

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