Did you know?

November 16, 2017 in Experience
  1. The Islands of Tahiti cover over two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean
  2. Out of the 118 islands, The Islands of Tahiti take the shape from atolls, which are rings of volcanic and coral land. Atolls can take up to 300 million years to form!
  3. Tikehau Island has been voted to have one of the best beaches in the world.
  4. There is an annual cheese festival in Bora Bora with over 130 varieties flown in from France
  5. 863 miles from Tahiti, on Reao Island lies a two-headed coconut tree – a natural and very unusual phenomenon.
  6. A traditional Tahitian dessert is Banana Po’e is made from just four ingredients (bananas, coconut milk, flour starch and sugar)
  7. Boxes outside Tahitian homes that look like they might be for mail are in fact for daily deliveries of fresh French bread.
  8. Not just a place to relax in paradise, The Islands of Tahiti also cater to the more athletic traveller. Run the Moorea Marathon, push through the steep hill climbs on a bicycle, hike one of the many peaks, or aim for a trifecta at the Tahiti Triathlon. (Or don’t – just watch with a cocktail in hand!)
  9. There is a church in Fakarava made completely of coral!
  10. The overwater bungalow was invented in Tahiti in the 1960s.
  11. The Islands of Tahiti have their own Fashion Festival, and Graffiti festival.