Drink your way to The Islands of Tahiti

August 18, 2020 in Experience

As the majority of us continue to spend as much time at home as possible, the taste of freedom – let alone travel – is one that many of us are dreaming of. One thing most of us do still seem to be tasting, however, is wine. Lots of wine. 

So – if we can’t be in The Islands of Tahiti, we might as well find a drink that transports us there. 

It’s a little known and fun fact that on the stunning island of Moorea, there is a glorious pineapple plantation that not only produces fruit, but that also creates a delicacy known as the Manatea Tahiti Pineapple wine.   


Whilst purists would argue that this drop can’t technically be called a wine because it’s not made from grapes, lovers of a tropical holiday and a good tipple won’t actually care. This secret delight of the wine world is considered by many to be a fabulous fruit wine that expresses the beauty of the region.

The wine is made from the variety of pineapple known as the Queen Tahiti, considered to be one of the best varieties of pineapple in the world thanks to its incredible taste and scent. The pineapples grow organically in the caldera of the former volcano of Moorea through integrated farm management which gives the pineapples their amazing taste. 


The winemaking process includes cool fermentation, specialty enzyme use and “batonage” (the French term for stirring settled sediment back into wine) which gives the wine a very soft, full and silky smooth finish. The finished wines are ages in medium toasted French oak barrels to add to the complexity, and are best served with vanilla based deserts, fish such as Mahi Mahi, and most cream based salads. The winery also makes a delightful bubbly from pineapples, which makes the perfect drink to start or end an evening. 


So whilst we may not be able to drink these amazing wines in Moorea just yet, there are local pineapple wine options that you can have a glass of while you close your eyes and imagine yourself on a beach in The Islands of Tahiti.