LGBT Honeymoons in The Islands of Tahiti

January 3, 2023 in Experience

1. Is Tahiti Gay Friendly?  

Tahiti (also known as The Islands of Tahiti) and the island of Bora Bora are gay friendly places to plan your honeymoon or wedding. It is legal to have a gay marriage in Bora Bora and all the 118 islands in The Islands of Tahiti. Plan your gay wedding in Bora Bora for the ultimate in romance and relaxation.   

Same-sex marriage is legal, and equality for the LGBT community is protected (rights for adoption, gender-affirming surgery, military service, and more) per French law. It is the perfect destination for a gay honeymoon since the islands are synonymous with romance and rich culture. Whether you choose a five-star luxury resort or an authentic Tahitian Guesthouse managed by a local family, The Islands of Tahiti provide the ideal backdrop for a romantic getaway. 

Here you can experience delightful Polynesian cuisine: a mix of tropical fruits and fresh fish, typical of an island paradise, prepared traditionally or in the style of French or Chinese gastronomy (the second and third largest cultural groups respectively in the islands aside from native Tahitians). A wide range of activities are available including hiking, festivals and events, diving and more.  

Gay friendly Bora Bora has many resorts to choose from for your gay honeymoon or anniversary.  

A couple enjoys the view of Mt Otemanu in Bora Bora

2. LGBT Culture in The Islands of Tahiti 

What is it like to be gay in Tahiti? Individual experience varies based on cultural background and upbringing, but in general, being gay or LGBT in Tahiti is socially accepted. Members of the LGBT community live in the open and some cultural concepts that exist in other parts of the world, such as “coming out” are not common here since it is often not necessary to do so to live openly. 

Tahitians have long recognized a spectrum of gender identities, most commonly seen today in the form of Māhū, people who present gender non-conformity openly in society, exhibiting both masculine and feminine traits. Māhū were described in the early records of William Bligh, one of the first explorers to visit The Islands of Tahiti in 1789. They often have traditional roles within their families and community associated with caregiving or hospitality and are considered an expression of gender identity unique to Tahitian culture. Additionally, a more contemporary expression of identity analogous to trans women in North America or Europe exists, known as Rae Rae.raerae. Of course, there are also lesbians, trans men, and gay men who do not identify with either of these groups.  

The Islands of Tahiti practice various religions, so while showing affection is accepted at resorts and generally well received, you may find many Tahitians are culturally modest in their romantic displays. However, it is common to see members of all genders greeting each other with a kiss on both cheeks rather than hugging or shaking hands.  

Regardless of your orientation, The Islands of Tahiti are not known for having an active “nightlife” or club scene outside the capital city of Papeete, Tahiti. Here you can find straight and LGBT party-goers enjoying the same bars and dance clubs. All other islands adopt a more romantic ambiance once the sun sets, from the hypnotic sway of Tahitian dance and live music, the brilliance and abundance of the starry skies, and the warm, tropical breeze scented with the intoxicating aromas of Tahitian vanilla and tiare Tahiti flowers.  

A traditional Polynesian welcome awaits you.

3. Is Tahiti Safe for LGBT Travelers? 

Tahiti is safe for all travelers, including those who are members of the LGBT community. When you are enjoying your gay or lesbian vacation in The Islands of Tahiti, you will receive the same level of service and legendary welcome as other travelers, without fear of discrimination or being required to disguise your relationship. 

A couple enjoys a meal at sunset in Tahiti.

4. Gay Cruises in Tahiti 

While you won’t find any dedicated vacation packages for gay resorts in Tahiti, you can find some gay cruises offered by Windstar Cruises. These gay and LGBT cruises will make stops in some of the most popular islands, including Bora Bora, Moorea, and Tahaa. There are also sailing packages available where you can secure a private sailing charter for your group.  

Natural beauty, incredible luxury resorts, and a safe and welcoming environment make The Islands of Tahiti one of the best gay vacation destinations for you and your partner.