Pick Your Paradise

November 5, 2019 in Experience

This week, Tahiti Tourisme launched its latest campaign – Pick Your Paradise – for travellers to discover the wide range of possibilities that The Islands of Tahiti offers. Allowing travellers to create their very own custom-designed getaway, the digital content series invites viewers to participate in an interactive visual tour that showcases the many different sides to the 118 Islands.


The series, which will roll out across a range of Australian digital and social platforms from today, first establishes what the motivation to travel is for each viewer. From seeking cultural immersion to a romantic getaway, the virtual path leads viewers through a sequence of options to design the perfect holiday just for them.


The interactive guide opens the viewer up to the multitude of possible activities that await them. From skydiving to pearl diving, parasailing to jumping from waterfalls, or a horse back ride to a massage, the choice is vast and can be individually selected to ensure each traveller experiences The Islands of Tahiti just as they wish.


The Pick Your Paradise concept was created to highlight the variety in island life that is available to travellers. From fast paced and exhilarating to peaceful and intimate, no matter what paradise looks like to each individual, The Islands of Tahiti ensure that every single traveller will experience their very own feeling of being embraced by Mana, thanks to their handpicked, individually crafted holiday.


Pick Your Paradise teaser video: https://youtu.be/74fjUraEjow


To Pick Your Paradise, visit: https://pickyourparadise.com.au/


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