Take off to Tahiti at Tax Time

November 6, 2019 in Experience

Whilst the thought of tax time can make even number-lovers go cross-eyed, it can actually make for a great time to plan a holiday.


Statistics from the last financial year indicated that 5% of Australians spent their tax refund on a holiday  – and if the cold weather that accompanies EOFY isn’t enough to convince you to take a holiday with your earnings, daydreaming about The Islands of Tahiti just might.

Offering something for every budget put your tax return to good use with one of the following paradisiacal options:


Guesthouse and homestays 

Make your stay on The Islands of Tahiti as authentic as possible by staying in a guesthouse (or a pension, as the locals refer to it) or homestay.  This style of accommodation is not only very affordable but completely authentic as it allows you to be totally immersed in the culture of The Islands.  Usually run by locals, accommodation is also often located in lesser-frequented locations that boast incredible scenery.



One of the many things that sets The Islands of Tahiti apart from other destinations is its pristine waters and abundant marine life. Within the 118 islands that make up the French Polynesia, dive experiences are plentiful and varied, offering experiences from wrecks to caves to sharks and rays, and even whales throughout the year.


Set Sail 

One of the best ways to see The Islands of Tahiti is in true luxury on-board a yacht. With the ratio of land to water sitting at 1 to 99, putting your tax return towards cruising through beautiful lagoons has never been more appealing.


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About Tahiti Tourisme:

Tahiti Tourisme is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for The Islands of Tahiti, overseeing all marketing and advertising actions, public relations, promotions, events and travel agent training programs globally. With a primary mission to bring visitors to The Islands of Tahiti, this Economic Interest Group is comprised of a Tahiti-based head office and 14 international offices promoting the destination across 18 international markets. Tahiti Tourisme also runs the visitors’ welcome and information desks and organizes local events to promote domestic tourism.

Find out more at www.TahitiTourisme.org