The untouched beauty of The Islands of Tahiti

November 16, 2017 in Experience

Of the 118 Islands of Tahiti, each and every one has something magical that will take your breath away. With beautiful scenery, clear blue water and a myriad of sea life surrounding the islands, there is an island for everyone, every occasion and every adventure.

Beyond the most well known of the Islands, and just a few miles from Bora Bora lies Tupai, the island of Pere – the goddess of fire and passion. The heart-shaped atoll is the perfect place for a romantic day trip. Covered in coconut trees and boasting a double lagoon, the island is uninhabited. Take a boat to watch sea turtles lay eggs on the beach from November onwards or do an aerial tour of the island by helicopter.

Producing 80% of the famous Tahitian vanilla, when you arrive on Taha’a you will be met by the natural scent that fills the islands. The pristine lagoon adored by sailors offers clear waters and beautiful coral to discover.

The largest atoll of The Islands of Tahiti, Rangiroa, is renowned for its breathtaking diving spots. See schools of fish, turtles, dolphins or relax on the beautifully pink sandy beaches formed from the natural crushing of seashells.

The pearl island, Manihi is where the origin of Tahitian cultured pearls was born. Famous for its oysters, the lagoon is the birth of the first pearl farm, making for a unique experience for visitors to understand the passion from the islanders and the incredible work performed to obtain the precious gem. Kayaking among the coral heads and line fishing are also two favourite island activities.

For the true adventurers, Rurutu – the island of whales – offers exquisite views from both land and water. Between August and October you will be lucky enough to see families of humpback whales arriving, and the island itself has a landscape great for hiking. Traverse majestic peaks and view archeological sites including limestone caves that were originally tombs for islander’s ancestors.


The tropical Eden of Tubuai offers truly stunning waters and the constant winds make it the perfect destination for water activities. Crabs, clams and lobsters can all be found in the lagoon and with low mountains there are plenty of easy hiking routes. The wild orange trees that release a fresh and fruity scent add a little zest to the island too.



With a lush rainforest, you’ll often see wild horses, boars and goats roaming on the mystical island of Nuku Hiva. With the highest waterfall in The Islands of Tahiti, the looming cliffs look out onto the vast ocean, and you’ll likely spot the pod of melon-headed dolphins that live closely to the coast. For the thrill seekers, Nuku Hiva also makes for incredible diving. Dive with the manta rays, jack fish, swordfish and sharks of various species and sizes that are all just off the shores of the black sandy beaches.

Whether it’s peace and tranquility or an adventure-filled holiday you’re looking for, The Islands of Tahiti offer a huge range of possibilities. A romantic getaway, family fun, or even as a solo traveller, you will be fully immersed by the magic of islands and you’ll be reminiscing for years to come.