The lesser-known destination for you

January 23, 2020 in Experience

Whether you’re travelling for adventure, culture, relaxation, going solo or with loved ones, each of us seek something special from a trip away and The Islands of Tahiti will give you a holiday you’ll never forget.


Below is a range of islands you may not know very much about, but might just capture your imagination for your 2020 vacation….

Go far

For adventurers and intrepid travellers the Gambier Islands are a must-see. Mangareva and its surrounding islands perfectly encapsulate the meaning of ‘off the beaten track’. Over 1,650km east of Tahiti, with just 1,445 inhabitants, the island offers untouched beauty, authentic cultural and an abundance of on land and underwater treasures waiting to be discovered. With a transparent lagoon that glistens in the tropical sunshine, surrounded by mountainous scenery, the Gambiers are truly an adventurer’s haven.


Go deep

Culture seekers will discover Tahitian traditions in the rawest form on the Marquesas Islands. The Marquesans are known as the finest craftsmen throughout The Islands of Tahiti – with jewellery, authentic tattoos and fine carvings, to name a few of their specialities. Located 1,500km northeast of Tahiti, the sharp volcanic peaks create a cinematic landscape with extraordinary archeological history – offering the truest sense of culture a visitor to wish for.


Go together

For families, a short 40-minute flight from Tahiti will take you to Huahine, a stunning island full of local life and ambiance. With an abundance of activities for everyone to take part in, Huahine is the perfect tropical island getaway for a family. With beautiful white sand beaches and a lagoon full of aquatic life, families can enjoy actives both on land and in the shallow waters. From hiking to kayaking and snorkelling, there’s something for every age group. 


For couples, while Bora Bora may be the most well known island for romantic escapes, there are 117 other islands in French Polynesia that can also offer the tranquil environment with lots of privacy. One island in particular is Rangiroa. Although it’s the largest atoll of The Islands of Tahiti, locals only live on two of the hundreds of motu circling the lagoon. This leaves for plenty of opportunities for private picnics on uninhabited motus and snorkelling above the stunning coral gardens with noone but the marine life around you.