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The Islands of Tahiti

You've waited long enough

Here, in The Islands of Tahiti, you will find the freedom and remoteness to reconnect with your loved ones and reconnect with our pristine natural world. Whether you come here for relaxation or to explore, you will feel the life force flow through everything, we call it Mana.

With flights due to restart mid-April 2022, there is no better time to start planning your trip!

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Reconnect, revive and rediscover

From colourful reefs to dramatic mountains, secluded beaches and welcoming culture, you will find what you need to revive your senses and rediscover your spirit of adventure.

Why The Islands of Tahiti will make you feel so special

The Islands of Tahiti are one place in the world where you can feel truly peaceful and at home away from home. Some might call it heaven or paradise! For us it is more than that, it is a feeling of being at one, a feeling we think you will still have when you return home.