The Tahiti-Faa’a international airport, built on the lagoon, is about 5 km west of Papeete near several major hotels.
The domestic terminal for Air Tahiti is located right inside. The airport provides a lot of other functions and related services.

Where are The Islands of Tahiti ?

The Islands of Tahiti are located equidistant south of the equator as Hawaii is north, in the same time zone as Hawaii, and halfway between California and Australia.

Getting to The Islands of Tahiti

All flights arrive at Faa’a International Airport (Papeete), located near the city of Papeete on the main island of Tahiti. The airport is close and convenient to all the major hotels and resorts on Tahiti. The airport also serves the domestic airline, Air Tahiti, for further service to the other islands and atolls. For schedules and information, check with the airlines, your preferred travel professional, or visit We recommend visitors plan international air, inter-island transportation, and airport transfers in advance with your preferred travel professional.

Average flight time to The Islands of Tahiti

Paris – Papeete: 22h00
Los Angeles – Papeete: 08h00
Seattle  – Papeete: 10h00
San Francisco – Papeete: 08h00
Honolulu – Papeete: 05h00
Nouméa – Papeete: 06h20
Tokyo – Papeete: 11h00
Shanghai – Papeete: 12h30
Hong Kong – Papeete: 11h30
Sydney – Papeete: 09h05
Auckland – Papeete: 05h00
Rarotonga – Papeete: 02h30
Santiago du Chili – Papeete: 11h00
Hanga Roa (Easter Island) – Papeete: 04h50