Taste, Touch, See and Stay at a Tahitian Guesthouse

June 26, 2018 in Experience

There are many ways you can experience The Islands of Tahiti. Let’s take the many ways you can explore the water, for example. You can dive under it, surf over it, or even picnic in it. The same goes for where you stay; whether you choose an overwater bungalow, a resort, or something a little more intimate.  

If you’re the adventurous sort, and love to find ways to immerse yourself on vacation, staying in a Tahitian Guesthouse, also referred to locally as pensions, is the way to go. Laid back and off the beaten path, these properties are a way to discover the islands like a true local, allowing for a special immersion into French Polynesian life.

Each Tahitian Guesthouse Is Unique

Smaller than a resort, Tahitian Guesthouses are typically family-operated and give off the vibe of a warm B&B or inn; guests are greeted with the renowned warm Tahitian hospitality. Tahitian Guesthouses also tend to be much more secluded, usually offering up to fifteen rooms or bungalows. However, the true beauty of the Tahitian Guesthouse lies in the variety you’ll find from island to island.

Islands like Fakarava or Rangiroa are known for their world class diving and fishing, and the owners may be able to offer you a lesson. Other Tahitian Guesthouses sit right on their own private motu – a small islet – with waters teeming with colorful wildlife, a perfect venue for scuba lovers or snorkelers.

And, since Tahitian Guesthouses are locally owned, each has personality and style inspired by their owners. Some may come with lush Tahitian gardens and thatched roofs, have personal bungalows, or may even be a room in someone’s house for the ultimate authentic experience.

Found On The Edges Of Paradise

Tahitian Guesthouses dot the Tahitian Islands, spanning more traditionally visited spots like Tahiti and Bora Bora, to the more remote Rurutu or the rugged charm of the Marquesas Islands. And, while they don’t offer overwater bungalows, they are usually located in stunning locations with postcard-perfect views nearby. You may find yourself so close to the water, the only thing between you and the beautiful blue lagoon is a beach chair and the golden sand, making it easy to jump right in for a morning snorkel or sunset canoe ride. Other mornings you may wake up in the midst of tall, verdant trees, as a melodic choir of birdsong drift through your windows. With each experience varying from property to property, you can be assured you’ll get to explore the many sides of the islands and their people.    

Experience Local Tahitian Culture

One of the best reasons to stay in a Tahitian Guesthouse is the opportunity to experience local Tahitian culture. Owners often love to share knowledge of the islands and their history. You may visit hidden gems, participate in activities unique to each location, learn about the Tahitian way of life, or even take part in local customs and try out a few dances or art lessons.

Many of the Tahitian Guesthouses also offer communal areas for dining and relaxing, and some may even serve home-cooked meals family-style, creating further opportunities to immerse yourself.

Connect / Disconnect

When it comes down to it, these authentic accommodations offer a way for you to connect with the culture, while disconnecting with everyday life. It’s a chance to truly discover and explore the islands in a completely different way and come home with warm memories you’ll be talking about for years to come.