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Tahiti Comes To You

The Islands of Tahiti welcomes you to explore the islands through our virtual series. We bring you our stories of life in our island paradise. You can join us to plant coral, learn Polynesian dance, or go for a virtual hike.

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Practicing ‘ori tahiti

Polynesian dance remains a powerful, potent artform, especially when accompanied by the harmonic voices of the Polynesians, the thunder of traditional drums and plaintive song of conch shells.

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Dive in the polynesian waters

It’s only natural that the sea around these islands is both figuratively and literally a clear blue heaven on earth. The warm waters that surround The Islands of Tahiti teem with life from flirty clown fish to ever-present sharks to awe-inspiring humpback whales.

Discover the marine life of The Islands of Tahiti here

Adopt your coral

Coral reefs are beautiful and fragile environments. In The Islands of Tahiti, there are many ways to explore, learn about and protect these rich landscapes.

Join a culinary tour and discover local food

The Islands of Tahiti benefits from fantastic weather all year round. It’s a virtual Garden of Eden, where exuberance and abundance go hand in hand. In this sunny country, farmers grow a wide variety of fruits, spices and vegetables which are transformed into aromatic and exotic dishes to delight the senses.

Experience Tahitian cuisine with this recipe for Tahitian Tacos from Chef Heimata Hall of Tahiti Food Adventures.

The art of Polynesian Tattoo

Did you know the word tattoo originated from the Polynesian word tatau? The symbols have meaning and the meaning tells the story of each Tahitian’s personal history. In each line drawn on the body, the ma’ohi of the past is connected to the Mana of the present and future. A link between heaven and earth. Join us to learn about tattoos and why they are a significant form of expression in The Islands of Tahiti.


Polynesian Beauty Secret : Monoi Oil

Monoi is a product that is made from refined coconut oil and macerated Tahitian tiare flowers. You can find it in many forms throughout The Islands of Tahiti, from balms and creams, lotions and shampoos, and more! It comes in a variety of scents as well, but the most popular is tiare, the iconic aroma that is unique to The Islands of Tahiti.

Learn more about how it is made and what makes it an essential part of any Polynesian beauty routine.

Go for outdoors adventures

There are so many ways to discover the outdoors in The Islands of Tahiti, and so many opportunities for hikes and excursions in island valleys. Excursions in off-road vehicles make it easy to effortlessly explore the mountainous, inner isles.

Explore more options here


The Art of flower crowns

No matter where you are in The Islands of Tahiti you will noticed certain things, the scent of tiare flowers, the colorful pareos, and also the beautiful flower crowns which are worn for special occasions, or just to celebrate the beauty of every new day in paradise. Learn how to make one yourself and weave a little joy and color into your day!

Live like a local in the guesthouses

Tahitian Guesthouses, sometimes called pensions, are family-operated accommodations located throughout The Islands of Tahiti. They offer a unique glimpse into authentic Tahitian culture and an opportunity to connect with the locals. Join us to discover what makes a Tahitian Guesthouse an authentic and memorable way to stay in The Islands of Tahiti.

Parasailing experience

Find yourself amazed by the turquoise waters. This is a novel way to enjoy the view from the sky, solo or in tandem. Flying up to 1000 feet above an improbable palette of turquoise is an experience you’ll remember forever.

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The Turtle Sanctuary

The Islands of Tahiti is home to many different types of sea turtles, including the leatherback and hawksbill turtles. While it is common to see sea turtles swimming happily in the lagoons, all of these species are actually endangered.

Tahitian Black Pearls

The warm lagoon waters of the islands and atolls are Mother Nature’s choice for the cultivation of her pure living gems: Tahitian Pearls. Commonly known as “Black Pearls,” Tahitian Pearls range widely in pricing, size, shape and colors. From the darkest black to shimmering shades of green, blue, bronze, aubergine, or even pink – these are indeed the jewels of the ocean.


Marae : discovering the sacred sites

Marae, or religious stone temples, are found throughout The Islands of Tahiti. In ancient times, they important places for religious, political and social gatherings, they are still considered sacred sites today. No trip to The Islands of Tahiti is complete without visiting a marae and contemplating the spirit of Mana which resides there. Explore a marae and learn why these sites are so significant to Polynesian culture and history.

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